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Dr. Thorbecke – Consulting Psychologist

On his journey to becoming a consulting psychologist, Dr.Thorbecke spent his childhood growing up near New York City and in Chicago. He moved to Austin, Texas in college and spent many years pursuing his Bachelor’s and Doctoral degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

In Maine, Colorado, and Texas, Dr. Thorbecke pursued his passion for the outdoors and by teaching wilderness skills for the Austin Parks and Recreational Services. Longing for more outdoor activities, he welcomed the opportunity to move to Portland Oregon, where he still enjoys the great outdoors while providing mental health services in Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon.

Pursuing his interest in family systems and couples treatment, Dr. Thorbecke earned his Psychologist license while completing his doctorate in Texas.  He is licensed in both Washington and Oregon as a Psychologist.

Psychotherapy practice and professional activities

Dr. Thorbecke received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1986 with a focus on clinical intervention skills, consultation, psychological assessment, forensic evaluations, and program evaluation.  

Dr. Thorbecke’s work history includes clinical treatment provided in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, day treatment, and intensive outpatient services for children and adolescents and outpatient treatment. He was the Clinical Director at the Rivendell Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital and the Columbia River Mental Health Services, a community mental health center. These positions involved administering, clinically supervising, and staff training for an array of mental health programs.  

Dr. Thorbecke ‘s primary interest for the past decade has been serving families and couples by developing a systemic/ecological approach to relationship therapy. He has been able to apply his knowledge of family dynamics and systems theory to his psychotherapy.

Dr. Thorbecke served as President of the Washington State Psychological Association (WSPA) in 2016 and is currently the WSPA Public Education Coordinator. He also served as the WSPA Board of Trustees from 2011-2016. The WSPA’s mission is to support psychologists and psychologists-in-training, to promote the practice of psychology, and to ensure continued education and advancement of knowledge within the field of psychology. Learn more about Dr. Thorbecke’s practice.


Selected Workshops, Publications, and Papers

“Mindfulness and acceptance- based behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression,” presented to the Vancouver Clinic by Denise McGuiness, Ph.D. and William Thorbecke, Ph.D. for the Washington State Psychological Association, January 22, 2014

“Reactive Attachment Disorder,” a training workshop presented to professionals at Catholic Community Services, September 26, 1998.

“De-escalation Strategies for Parents With Behaviorally Disordered Children,” a workshop presented at the Attachment Disorder Parents Network, Portland, Oregon, March 15, 1997.

“Family Therapy Intervention,” a presentation given to the Psychology of Childhood Disorders at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington, April 1996.

“Parenting the Behaviorally Disordered Child,” a workshop presented at the Attachment Disorder Parents Network, Portland, Oregon, November, 1995.

“Attachment Issues in the Treatment of Conduct Disordered Children,” a series of six workshops presented to the clinicians of the Children’s Program at Columbia River Mental Health Services in Vancouver, Washington, September through December 1993.

“Starting Your TeleHealth Practice” provider manual for the Washington State Psychological Association, Sara Smucker-Barnwell, Ph.D, Lucy Homans, Ed.D, William Thorbecke, Ph.D, in press

What is the effect of AHCA’s failing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act?” William Thorbecke, Ph.D. and Nancy Goldov Psy.D. Washington State Psychological Association, April, 16 2017

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